Creating Bird-Friendly Communities

You Can Help Eastside Audubon Foster Bird-Friendly Communities in 2019

By Jim Rettig

A major goal of Eastside Audubon is the creation of bird-friendly communities in the Northwest and beyond. These areas include your own backyard, your neighborhood, or your local municipality. One way to expand our message is to share the information with other nonprofits, civic groups, clubs, and classrooms interested in learning more about the role they can play in creating a bird-friendly environment.

I’ve recently edited and updated the chapter’s PowerPoint presentation on creating these bird-friendly communities and I will happily share it at your home, your neighborhood, book group, conservation group, local church, library, or a retirement home. You name it. If you are interested in having Eastside Audubon’s Bird-Friendly Communities presentation shown locally, please contact me at 425-492-1833 or

Evening Grosbeak by Mick Thompson

Evening Grosbeak by Mick Thompson