President’s Letter

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October President’s Letter

By Lori Danielson


I’ll share a secret with you: I like to volunteer. Perhaps you’ve already guessed that from my position on the Eastside Audubon board. I have volunteered for many organizations throughout my life and I always come back for more.

What makes it enjoyable? For me, it’s a combination of several things:

  • I like learning new things and there’s always an opportunity to learn when volunteering. In mid-September, I staffed the Eastside Audubon information table at the Puget Sound Bird Fest in Edmonds. When not talking to our table’s visitors, I learned about certifying my backyard as wildlife habitat from the information at the table next door and also learned more about raptor behavior and rehabilitation from Sarvey Wildlife Center’s excellent live presentation.

  • I want to put effort toward worthy goals. Eastside Audubon’s volunteer tasks are usually ones that improve our region for the birds migrating or living here, or provide education to people so they’re more knowledgeable about birds and more engaged with nature. These are important goals.

  • The camaraderie that comes from working together with other volunteers is great. It’s very satisfying to work as a team to get a task done.

  • I like meeting new people, getting to know them better while volunteering with them, and ending up with new friends. I’ve met a lot of great people who are smart, hardworking, and passionate about the environment.

  • It’s a great opportunity to people-watch. At the events where Eastside Audubon has an information table, such as the upcoming Issaquah Salmon Days on Oct. 5-6, there are always an infinite variety of people walking by. And I don’t just watch, but also engage with them about birds and am rewarded by hearing a huge variety of fascinating bird stories from them.

Finally, I like to think that my small volunteer efforts create a “butterfly effect” of small changes that eventually result in large positive differences in the world. I want those positive differences to create a better world for all inhabitants: humans, birds, animals and all of nature.

Want to volunteer or learn more about the opportunities? Go to our website ( or email me ( I hope to be volunteering with you soon!