Tip of the Month: Recycle Your Tyvek

By Bev Jennings

Tyvek plastic is used for manufacturing mailing envelopes that are not recyclable in our area. These envelopes are not accepted by Republic or Waste Management. If you receive an item in a Tyvek envelope, maybe some medicine or a book you've sent for, save the envelopes. Use the largest one as a collector and add smaller ones into that over time. When you’ve collected many, just seal the large envelope with tape or a few staples and address it clearly with the information stated below. (A laundry marking pen works well.) Then at the post office, you’ll pay a small amount for postage and off it goes. We haven't learned of any Tyvek recycling centers that are closer.

Tyvek Recycle
337A Industrial Drive
Petersburg, Virginia  23803

To be sure you recognize Tyvek plastic, we'll display some envelopes at the monthly program nights. It's a strong plastic and the envelope is usually white or light colored with a dark gray interior. We understand that this center in Virginia receives Tyvek from everywhere, including a DuPont plant. Envelopes received by the center will be added to recyclable plastic protective garments, packed in bales, and shipped to a company that blends this with other plastic items - all to result in corrugated pipes! We believe that keeping this plastic material out of landfills is worth the small postage fee. 

tyvek envelopes.jpeg