Eastside Audubon's Book Club Reading List

By Becky Serabrini

Since starting our chapter’s book club January 2017, it’s grown to a size of 17 regularly attending members. That is an impressive number especially since our group is devoted to reading and discussing each book every month. However, we do have an occasional glass of wine and social chat as well, so to allow enough time for all of our members to participate in our lively round table discussions, we’re putting a cap of 20 members into place this spring. We have a few spots open, so if you’re interested, contact me for more information. Our 2019 reading list is below.

Book club meetings are the third Tuesday of every month from 7:00-8:30 p.m. at the chapter office in Kirkland. To ensure we don’t exceed room capacity, an RSVP is requested before joining, and you must be a member of the chapter. Please email wingsinapril@gmail.com for additional information.

2019 Reading List: