Eastside Audubon Welcomes New Board Members

Eastside Audubon’s board members offer diverse voices and wide-ranging experiences that guide us in protecting, preserving and enhancing our natural ecosystems and communities for the benefit of birds, other wildlife and people. Their leadership is essential as we look to the future and the increasing threat of climate change. Please welcome our new partners in environmental protection!

Chris Lonowski - Treasurer

Chris has enjoyed birding and habitat restoration for many years. Bellevue is currently home for Chris, but he has also lived in Denver, Madison, WI and the San Francisco Bay all of which offer very different habitats for wildlife and amazing opportunities to explore. Even with it's incredible growth rate, Silicon Valley offered one of the earliest opportunities for Chris to learn about habitat preservation and was also the real beginning of Chris' bird watching. Chris grew up in a small town in Iowa and earned his BBA in Finance from Iowa State University. He received his MBA from the University of Colorado in Denver while working and enjoying outdoor adventures of the Rocky Mountains region. Of all the places Chris has lived and traveled, he chose to call the PNW home because of the unmatched opportunity to enjoy nature and activities. Currently, Chris is enjoying a break from the work world in order to spend more time volunteering, enjoying nature, traveling locally and to the Midwest and dreaming up home projects.

"I am very excited to be joining the Board at Eastside Audubon Society! The mission to protect and enhance our ecosystems for the benefit of wildlife and the people who live here is such a wonderful undertaking. It can also be great fun and very rewarding. I look forward to contributing where I can and meeting the members and volunteers who are critical to our success." 

Megan Rutherford, Ph.D. - At Large Member

Megan grew up in the South Island of New Zealand, and have had the pleasure of living in Minnesota, Utah, Kansas, Oregon, and New Jersey before moving to Washington in 1997.   She currently resides in Woodinville with her husband of 27 years. Professionally, Megan did clinical research on addiction and personality at the University of Pennsylvania and at the University of Washington. As a volunteer, she’s been an oil-spill responder, Institutional Review Board member, master gardener, and caregiver for exotic parrots.

Megan’s appreciation of all things wild, but especially birds and lizards, began as a child in New Zealand.  Since then she has been fortunate enough to have lived in many places with yards that could be landscaped to attract birds and wildlife as well as wonderful wild areas close enough to easily explore. Megan believes the mental and physical benefits stemming from a connection with and understanding of the natural world can not be overstated.  Providing habitats for birds and other native creatures and observing how they can thrive has given her such great joy, but seeing others, adult or child, really connect with nature and birds for the first time is even better.

“I am excited by the opportunity to work with all the passionate people at Eastside Audubon to expose even more people to the awe of birds and how providing, preserving and enhancing their habitats benefits us, as well.  I look forward to meeting other Eastside Audubon members at upcoming talks and events.”

Linda Shen - At Large Member

Linda lives in the King County area with her dog Haiku since 2015. She comes with over 2 decades of product development and program management experience in the Software Industry, having previously worked for Dell, eBay and most recently Microsoft.

“I am very impressed with the hard working group of people at Eastside Audubon. By joining the Eastside Audubon board, I hope to do my part connecting humans to nature to improve harmony one bit at a time. As a Chinese American, I also hope to increase the culture diversity of organizations like the Audubon Society”

You’ll have an opportunity to meet Chris, Megan, and Linda at program nights, fundraisers, and community events in the future. Take time to introduce yourself and welcome them to the Eastside Audubon family!